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  ~~We have maine coon kittens & we're located in Villa Rica, Georgia on a beautiful 70 acre farm called WILDWOOD





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~~~~~~~~ OUR GIRLS ~~~~~~~~





~Woo is the youngest daughter of RavenWolf & Tiger.  This girl is polydactyl like her mom & her paws are even bigger than her moms too!!~






~Maria is the daughter of KitFox & Tiger.  She has height & length as well as great boning just like her mom & her aunt FoxTrot.~ 








~Kissi is the daughter of Mystic Moon "Emmi" & Basilisk.  She is the only keeper daughter of Basilisk (my retired boy from AMIBIAL*PL)  as well as grand daughter of RavenWolf & Tiger.  She will carry on their bloodlines for our cattery.~








~Sky is the daughter of Bella & Tiger as well as the grand daughter of CongoCoons Bull Elephant, Koontopia's Scooter, CongoCoons Stone Tiger,  & CongoCoons Dragon Secrets.~













~Emmi is the daughter of RavenWolf & Tiger.   She's mom to Midnight Kiss "Kissi" (pictured up towards the top of this page). ~ 







~Silvi is the daughter of RavenWolf & Tiger.  She's one of the  largest girls here weighing in at 18 pounds (which is large for a intact female).  Still hoping for kittens for her - unfortunately she hasn't had any yet.~











~Flower Moon is the polydactyl daughter of RavenWolf & Sea Panther.  She had an accident during her first pregnancy & lost her litter just three weeks before her due date.  Then got pyometra her next heat cycle. :( ~







~Aria is the daughter of KitFox & Tiger.  She is sister & littermate of Marble Fox "Maria".  Sadly, Aria didn't get the opportunity to become a mom.  Like her Aunt FoxTrot, she got pyometra after her very first heat cycle!!  :( ~




CongoCoons Kit Fox of WildwoodCoon


Once again we'd like to thank Mitzi @ CongoCoon for another wonderful girl.  Kit Fox is the daughter of CongoCoons Fennec Fox & CongoCoons Giant Panda.  She is playful, smart, & a huge ray of sunshine in our home.  The fact that she favors her sister Fox Trot is a huge plus.  We are looking forward to watching her grow & develop knowing that she too will play an important part in our breeding program as well as our family.








-TigerLily is the daughter of Lola & Tiger.  She only had one litter  - The Sproutlets & all seven are absolutely gorgeous.   

**Big Thanks To Sheri for the starting the Sproutlet FaceBook Page - I can't even begin to say how much I've enjoyed watching all seven grow & mature!!  :) **






Koontopia's RavenWolf of WildwoodCoon



A special thank you to Teresa @ Koontopia for this extra special & truly unique girl....RavenWolf is so sweet & oh soooo intelligent with olive colored eyes that will just melt your heart & deeply penetrate your soul.  We're delighted to have her here at our cattery & know it was fate that brought her to us.  RavenWolf is the daughter of Koontopia's Luna & CongoCoons Steppen Wolf.  She is a smoke tortie with white & she has POLY PAWS - she is our first Polydactyl Maine Coon.  We can't hardly wait to see the gorgeous offspring she will have.





Alwaro MonaLuisa


A huge thank you to Kate at Alwaro Maine Coon Cattery in Poland for entrusting  & allowing us to import the beautiful black silver "wild child" Mona Luisa....she fits in perfectly here with us & keeps us on our toes to say the least.  Mona Luisa is the daughter of Alwaro Chellanger & Alwaro Prada, & the grand daughter of World Champion Alwaro W'Volcano.  She has an excellent european pedigree,  lots of assorted champions make up the excellent bloodlines she is comprised of.  We are so eager to watch her grow & mature into an adult......plus see her offspring too!! :)





I'Lolita Du Tresor Blanc -  'LOLA' 


A big thank you to Jessie at Tresor Blanc Cattery in France 

for this gorgeous blue patched beauty.  We feel so very fortunate to have Lola since Jessie orginially planned 

to keep her for herself.  Lola is the daughter of Top Coon Z'Air Force One & Cotton Coon Givenchy.  She has a spectacular european pedigree that consist of Champions, International Champions, Grand International Champions, European Champions, & a World Champion (Alwaro W'Volcano is her great grandfather).  Lola will allow us have a assortment of different colored kittens...she is a joy, watching her develop & mature is a real treat.





CongoCoons Belladonna of WildwoodCoon - 'BELLA'


 A special thanks goes out to Mitzi at CongoCoon.  I'm so very thankful that she has entrusted us with two more of her Maine Coon babies.  First is CongoCoons Belladonna (above), she is the daughter of CongoCoons Bull Elephant & Koontopia's Scooter of CongoCoons.  Bella is a beautiful classic warm brown tabby with white paws & bib...can't wait to see how she grows & matures into an adult.  Then we have CongoCoons Lupine (below), she is the daughter of Koontopias Wildebeest of CongoCoons & CongoCoons Fennec Fox.  Our Trot is a dark brown classic tabby with white paws & bib.  I'm sure she will grow into a gorgeous adult.  We can't wait to see the kittens these girls will give us. 





CongoCoons Lupine of WildwoodCoon  -  'FOX TROT or TROT'


CongoCoons Lupine of WildwoodCoon - "FOX TROT or TROT."  Sadly, our TROT will NOT be a part of our breeding program.  She had to be spayed after going into heat (her very FIRST time) & being diagnosed with pyometra.  We spayed her & saved her life.  TROT will still reside with us & will continue to be treated like royalty regardless.  **When you see breeders requiring a spay/neuter contract this is one of the main reasons why we want you to have your female cat spayed by six months of age.  We spent over $1700.00 on veternary bills the week TROT was ill.  As a pet owner I can honestly say it is much easier to afford to schedule & have your pet spayed as apposed to spending the money for five days worth of veternary care & surgery to save your fur-baby.  Needless to say, alot less nerve wrecking too!!**  Many thanks goes out to Mitzi @ CongoCoon,   had I not seen the pyometra video on her website I wouldn't have been prepared for it to happen to one of my girls.





All of our girls including our retirees reside here at the WILDWOOD FARM.  Please enjoy some of the SNAP SHOTS that are posted below.  Some photos actually include some of our kittens too!! :)


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